How to Sleep After Keratin Treatment

The whole point of a keratin treatment is to get smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair. But is it possible to keep it that way, seeing that you must sleep at night? 

We’ll find out in this article where I’ll show you how to sleep after keratin treatment.

How to Sleep After Keratin Treatment

For your keratin treatment to be effective, your hair has to avoid being muddled up and folded, even during sleep. 

This sounds like a pretty impossible feat, doesn’t it? Well, worry not because it is 100% possible. 

Check out the following tips

Invest in a Good Silk or Satin Pillowcase

As much as you can, avoid cotton and polyester pillowcases. These pillowcases, and others like them, will cause your hair to crease while you sleep. 

So, to avoid that, and keep your hair shiny and smooth, invest in good silk or satin pillowcases instead. 

Silk and satin pillowcases are good at keeping hair straight because of their smooth, no-friction material. 

So, even if you turn and toss at night, the pillowcase won’t mess up with your keratin treatment. You will wake up with little or no creases. 

And even if there are creases, you can easily straighten them. 

So, when compared to their counterparts, the silk and satin pillowcases do a really good job. 

Sleep With Your Hair Straight

Investing in a good pillowcase isn’t all there is to preserving your keratin treatment. 

Another thing you should consider is leaving your hair out when you’re sleeping. 

For the sake of your hair, avoid all kinds of caps. You do not need to wear any cap while you sleep, especially wig caps.

Leaving your hair to fall out will help prevent it from creasing, matting, and tangling, which as we already agreed from the beginning, is the goal here.

Sleep Flat on Your Back

To prevent your hair from creasing, avoid sleeping on your face. 

Sleeping on your face can be bad for your keratin-treated hair because your hands can get in the way and mess things up. 

So, how do you sleep? It’s simple. Sleep on your back. 

Apart from the fact that it makes it impossible for your hand to roughen your hair while you sleep, it also makes it easier for you to keep your hair straight while you sleep.

What to Do to Your Keratin-Treated Hair When You Wake Up

In addition to these, here are some other things you should do with your hair as soon as you wake up, to avoid losing the keratin:

Use a Hair Straightener to Eliminate Creases

Sometimes, even after trying your best to sleep carefully, you might wake up with creases in your hair. 

If that happens, consider using your hair straightener to remove the creases and get your hair popping again.

Use a Blow Dryer When You Wake up If You Sweat During Your Sleep 

Sometimes the room might be a bit too hot when you sleep. 

So, if you wake up to sweat in your hair, try drying your hair with a blow dryer. 

But make sure the heat is at its lowest since heat damages keratin.

For more ways to care for your keratin-treated hair, check out this super helpful guide!

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