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hair grading

Hair Grading Explained — What Do 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A Hair Mean?

You’ve definitely come across a peculiar, alphanumeric code when trying to buy your weaves either at our store or elsewhere. Today, we want to help crack that code and that’s why our conversation today will be centered around hair grading. When buying weaves, you often see “grade 9A” or “grade 10A,” but what do these […]

weave closure types

Weave Closure Types — Every Single One Explained

We’ve looked at weave closures and frontals before now, but we only did an overview on closures and frontals. Today, we take a deeper dive into weave closures. Our article will be explaining the weave closure types there are. This should help inform your decision on the best weave closure to suit your needs. Now, […]

raw hair vs virgin hair

Raw Hair Vs Virgin Hair: Here’s the Difference

Raw hair vs virgin hair: what’s the difference and why should you care? Well, first off, you might want to care for the sake of your pocket. Raw hair is more expensive than virgin hair and if you don’t know the difference between the two, you might end up getting cheated in the market. Today’s […]

virgin hair extensions guide

Virgin Hair Extensions Guide — Everything You Want to Know

Our goal in this virgin hair extensions guide today is to make sure you never get scammed by people on the internet selling fake hair. So, make sure you read up because we’ve got all the best-kept secrets in here. One of the many terms that get thrown around a lot in the hair extensions […]

extensions weaves and wigs

The Ultimate Extensions, Weaves, and Wigs Glossary

Last time, we took you through a crash course on extensions, weaves, and wigs. If you missed that, you can catch it here. Today, we have prepared your very own handy hair glossary.  Consider this your handy online hair dictionary that you can always refer to whenever you come across terms you can’t really understand […]

hair extensions guide

Hair Extensions Guide: All Your Questions Answered

If you live on God’s green earth, chances are you’ve come across weaves, extensions, and wigs before. However, chances also are that you can’t actually differentiate between the three, especially if you’re not pop-cultured. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with being a newb in these things. That’s why we’re here with a hair extensions guide. So, […]