How Many Hair Bundles Do I Need?

How many hair bundles do you need to slay that look you’ve been eyeing? That’s what we’re going to be discussing today. So, if this has been a problem area for you, we’re glad to be of help to you today. Let’s get to it!

First Off, Let’s Talk A Bit About Hair Bundles

If you’re new to bundles and are more exposed to synthetic hair, you’re probably more familiar with extension packs rather than hair bundles. However, pack hair and hair bundles are quite different as you might have already deduced.

For one, extension packs are more affordable than hair bundles. However, the snag with extension packs is that most of them are not reusable. They shed really easily and also tangle fast. Plus, you can’t alter many of them in any real way that makes sense.

One reason extension packs are much cheaper than hair bundles is that extension packs are made from plastic fibres unlike hair bundles which are real human hair. Synthetic hair is made of memory fibers, hence, the reason they hold their style almost permanently.

The downside, though, is that you can’t heat-style synthetic hair since it is plastic. Heat will melt the hair and change its texture. So, oftentimes, to style synthetic hair, stylists would go for roller sets or heated water.

Hair bundles, on the other hand, are more expensive but they are reusable and last very long given proper care and installation by a professional. Besides that, in comparison to synthetic hair, human hair is much more versatile than synthetic hair and is also very easy to style.

Considering what we just talked about, it’s easy to understand why human hair is more commonly used for sew-in hairstyles. 

There are several different kinds of human hair from Brazilian to Malaysian, to Indian, to Peruvian. These hair types, besides differing in texture, also differ in volume, and thickness. So, these are other factors that you need to consider when considering how many hair bundles you need.

Speaking of…

Here Are a Few Factors to Consider When Making Your Decision

1. Length

Considering that virgin hair typically thins as you go towards the tips, it would be a great idea to go for more bundles when using virgin hair. This will help give your hair a fuller look running from the root to the tips.

Generally, the longer the length you’re going for, the more hair bundles you are going to need. We expatiate on that towards the end of the article.

2. Texture

The texture of the hair you want to install is another factor you want to consider when deciding the number of hair bundles to get.

For instance, waves and curls differ in density. And, generally, denser hair would require fewer bundles since it’s already dense. So, if you’re going for curly hair, you’d definitely need fewer hair bundles than wavy or straight hair.

A rule you can work with is to get two – three hair bundles for curly hair. Straight hair, on the other hand, is less dense. Hence, depending on how long you want your hair to be, you might need about three – four straight hair bundles. 

3. The Size of Your Head

Obviously, the size of your head would also affect how many hair bundles you get for your hairstyle. So, get your tape and get the size of your head by measuring your head from ear to ear.

Averagely, a woman’s head measures about 22.5 inches. But, generally, the larger the head measures, the more the hair bundles you’d need.

If your head is on the smaller side, you could probably do with fewer bundles — two or three bundles. But if your head size is on the larger side, then you’d need more hair bundles.

4. Closure Vs Frontal

If you choose to go with a frontal or closure to finish your look, then you’re going to need to get more hair bundles. Nonetheless, closures and frontals make your install look more realistic, which is why you might want to get one all the same.

If you haven’t made up your mind between a closure and frontal, then click here to read our Lace vs Frontal definitive guide.

How Many Bundles Do You Need According To Your Hairstyle?

There are two ways you can install your hair bundles. You can either do a sew-in or use the glue and tape methods. A sew-in is more affordable, much easier to maintain, and lasts much longer when compared to the glue and tape methods.

Whatever method you’re choosing though, it’s important to know exactly how many bundles you’d need to nail your hairstyle in the exact way you want it to look. Let’s look at different hairstyles and how many hair bundles you’d need for each style.

Kinky Curl Sew-In

A kinky curl sew in is a fantastic choice for black women as it gives you a real natural look. It features Z curled ringlets which make a perfect blend with your natural kinky hair. For this kind of style, you don’t need many bundles. Two or three hair bundles would do just fine. 

A shoulder-length hairstyle, say 14 inches, would work with two hair bundles. However, if you’re going for a longer length, then think of getting three hair bundles if you want full coverage for your sew-in.

Curly Sew-In With Bangs

Curly hair is naturally dense, so you don’t need too many hair bundles to achieve a full look. To achieve a full, natural look, you might want to get about two – three hair bundles. For a longer length, though, three – four bundles is the sweet spot.

Now, compared to other sew-ins, curly hair tracks only have a tiny space in between them. So, if you decide to use a shortcut and work with fewer bundles, your braids will be visible in between the spaces. That’s why it is important to get the recommended number of hair bundles when doing a curly full sew-in.

Partial Sew In

For a partial sew-in, two bundles of hair work just fine. Partial sew-ins are great as they give a real natural look since you’d be leaving out a part of your hair in the front, or in the back sometimes, or even on the entire crown of your head. So, generally, partial sew-ins give you the option to be more flexible and versatile with your styling options.

Standard lengths usually work just fine with only about two bundles. If you’re going for something longer than 24 inches though, you might want to get about three bundles.

If you don’t want a partial sew-in, you can go for a u-part wig instead. It also gives that natural look and gives you more flexibility for styling. U-part wigs come with a horse-shoe opening on the top and it allows hair tracks with your natural hair.

U-part wigs are a favorite of many because it gives the perfect blend with your natural hair especially when you select the perfect texture of human hair that matches your own natural texture.

Straight Sew In

Obviously, compared to curly hair, straight hair is less dense. So, naturally, you’d need more hair bundles if you want to get a full look. Also, depending on how long you want your hair’s length to be, you might need between three to four hair bundles.

But that’s just one part. If you choose a lace frontal, with a length longer than 22 inches, you are going to need three bundles max. In comparison, lace closures would require more hair bundles because it takes up less space on your hair than lace frontals. So, for a lace closure, you’d probably need one bundle more in comparison to lace frontals.

Lace Frontals Vs Lace Closure — How Many Bundles Do You Need With Each?

Lace Frontals

We already talked about lace frontals and closures a bit before. But now, we’re going to go into a bit more detail.

Lace frontals cover your hair from ear to ear, so they take up more space on your head than a lace closure.

If you’re going for hair between 8 to 18 inches and are also installing a lace frontal, two hair bundles will work just great. If you’re going longer than 16 inches, then get an extra bundle and install three bundles. For lengths longer than 24 inches then, get four bundles.

But there’s something else you need to know, when installing your hair extensions, you shouldn’t buy them all at the same length. Instead, you layer them by getting them in increasing lengths of 2 inches.

So, for instance, if you’re looking at getting 24 inches of hair, that means you want your longest length to be 24 inches. When buying your hair bundles then, you’d get three different bundles of different lengths at 20 inches, 22 inches, and 24 inches.

To summarize everything we’ve said so far about the number of hair bundles you need for a lace frontal, use the table below for easy reference.

LengthRegular LookFuller Look
8 to 18 inches2 Bundles3 Bundles
16 to 24 inches3 Bundles4 Bundles
26 to 30 inches4 Bundles5 Bundles

Lace Closure

For lace closures, they take up little real estate on your head, and as such, in comparison to lace frontals, you’d need more hair bundles.

For a short hairstyle, say a bob, you’d need about two hair bundles to nail the look. In fact, for hair that is between 8 and 14 inches, you’d need about two bundles of hair. Longer than that, up to 20 inches, then you’d need three hair bundles. Longer than 20 inches, and you’d need four hair bundles.

Just like we explained with the lace frontals, when you’re getting long hair, you want to layer the hair by installing your hair bundles at different lengths. It’s the best way to get a fuller, thicker look. If you get all three (or four) bundles at the same length, your hair would look rather scanty and you wouldn’t want that.

Now, here’s the thing about hair longer than 22 inches. As human hair gets longer than 22 inches, it gets scantier. So, if you want hair that’s 24 inches or longer, it’s usually advised to double up on the longest length to achieve a fuller look.

So, say you want to install a 24-inch hair, then you’d get one 20-inch bundle, one 22-inch bundle, and two 24-inch bundles. This will give you regular full-looking hair. If you want to go really thick and get a really full volume, then get five bundles. Of course, it would cost more but if you want a full volume of hair with a lace closure, then you can’t use fewer than five to six hair bundles.

Hair LengthNormal LookFuller Look
8 to 14 inches2 Bundles3 Bundles
16 to 20 inches3 Bundles4 Bundles
22 to 30 inches4 Bundles5 to 6 Bundles

A Quick Word About Hair Bundles and Hair Weft

Now when it comes to hair and how it’s sold, unless otherwise noted, hair bundles are sold at 100 grams which is about 3.5 ounces per bundle. Also, usually, the shorter the hair you’re getting, the longer the weft would be, and the longer the hair, the shorter the weft is. Hence, if you compare a 20-inch hair with a 10-inch hair, the 20-inch hair would look smaller than the 10-inch hair.

So, between a long weave and a short weave, even if they are the same weight, you’re going to need more wefts for a shorter hair than for a longer hair.

Caring For Your Hair

Human hair is quite an investment and when you do it right, they last very long. Like your natural hair, you need to keep your human hair moisturized by applying a leave-in conditioner on your hair once a week, at least. 

Also, if you choose to dye your hair, that’s fine since this is virgin hair and has not suffered any prior damage. However, to minimize the damage that dyeing naturally brings, you should deep condition your hair first so that your hair is not excessively, and permanently damaged.

Finally, virgin hair hardly tangles or sheds. But to keep things this way, you must not only moisturize weekly, you must develop the correct night routine. So, always braid your hair before bed, sleep in a satin bonnet, and never sleep with wet hair.

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