How to Take Care of Keratin Treated Hair

So you recently got a keratin treatment but now you are wondering how to care for your hair so your money won’t go down the drain, that’s great! First off, a keratin treatment is a hair treatment that you give to your hair to keep it shiny, smoother, and silky. Sounds like what you recently did? If yes, here are the best after-care tips your keratin-treated hair deserves.

Apply The Right Hair Treatment

To maintain your newly keratin-treated hair, apply a recommended hair care treatment. Hair treatment fosters hair growth and prevents all kinds of diseases from penetrating your hair. After your keratin hair treatment, avoid hair treatments with strong detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium Laureth sulfate. They strip hair of natural oils, causing your hair to wear out sooner than expected. You might have to use keratin-infused products or ask your salon what products to use during this period.

Water is a No

 After a keratin treatment, your hair must not get wet. Wetting your hair makes it bleed and lose moisture. Yes, you won’t see this happening but it doesn’t take time before you see the damage it has caused. Remember, this is not a hair extension we are talking about but your hair. Wetting your hair during this period makes it lose moisture and other goodness. It is advisable to use a plastic shower cap that prevents water from entering your hair. Another thing you should understand is that wet hair attracts dirt and breakage. Carry your umbrella or lose your hat if it rains. Your hair should be dried for at least 3 days before washing a strand.

Use These Oils

After a keratin treatment, you should not apply every kind of oil to your hair. Oils such as coconut oil and castor oil are a big NO! They are hard to wash out because they are sticky. They eventually retrogress a keratin treatment. But you can apply pure Argan and olive oil. They are natural and highly recommended for keratin-treated hair.

Use a Silk Pillowcase when sleeping

When sleeping, don’t use a hard pillowcase. A softer one will protect your hair against friction.  Your hair is prone to damage when you use hard pillows. To maintain curlier, beautiful, and firm hair, be choosy with your pillowcase. You don’t want to wake up with a  rough look, do you? The truth is, most people don’t understand that softer pillowcases keep your hair smooth and soft. You should try this out this time.

No Styling

Styling can wait a week or two. This is to allow the keratin treatment to set in properly. Tugging or pulling your hair will interfere with the process. You need to let your hair hang loose and straight for at least a week before doing anything. No ponytails, no kinking, and no accessories. Even at night, try to sleep with your hair loose. Making an impression on your hair will compromise the effectiveness of the treatment. 

No Hair Treatment for the Next 3 Weeks

 Once your hair has undergone a keratin treatment, avoid other chemical services for at least 3 weeks. Most chemicals used in the salon have a higher pH than your hair’s natural pH. Jumping on another chemical treatment will open your hair cuticles, causing the treatment to bleed prematurely.

Plan Your gym Routine

Excessive workouts will only force you to wash your hair and that’s a NO. For the first few weeks, you should plan your gym routine and don’t go overboard while training. Heavy training causes the scalp to seat, which will interfere with your keratin treatments setting in. It might look like a no-brainer suggestion but to avoid the hassle, plan your gym routine and air-dry once you start sweating.

Do not Blow dry

Blow drying releases direct heat to your scalp and that is bad for keratin-treated hair. For the first two weeks, air dry instead. At least, your coated keratin hair won’t be melted away. If there is too much water, use microfiber.

Frequently questions asked about keratin treatment and answers that work 

Is a relaxer the same as a keratin treatment?

No. They are both different in many ways. A relaxer has a higher pH, unlike keratin. Keratin has a low pH which makes it gentle. A relaxer is permanent but a keratin treatment is temporal. It smoothes your hair for a few months and after that, your hair returns to its pretreatment state.

Can I colour my hair before or after treatment?

It is advisable to colour hair after 2-3 weeks. 

How long does it take to apply a keratin treatment?

The time it takes to apply the treatment is determined by the kind, thickness, and length of your hair. You can talk to your hairstylist in the salon about how long you’ll need.

Is the treatment effective on relaxed or chemically treated hair?

If you have damaged hair, keratin treatment will nourish it. Your hair will be repaired and restored. Thanks to the smoothing treatment. Between the chemical and the smoothing treatment, give your hair some time to recover.

What products are recommended for Kera therapy smoothing treatments?

To get the most out of all Keratherapy treatments, use the Keratin Infused Home Care Collection. They help you achieve optimal smoothness, gloss, and condition. When caring for a keratin treatment, sodium chloride should be avoided in products.

Is it possible to do a treatment on virgin hair? 

Yes. However, the benefits will not last as long as a treatment applied to hair that has already been chemically treated.

During the 3 or 4-day development period, can I use hair spray, gel, mousse, or any other hair products? 

No. During the 3-4 day development period, do not use any products on your hair. Even after that, proceed cautiously because many of these treatments contain alcohol or other substances that might dehydrate hair and reduce the duration of your results. Avoid styling products that contain alcohol or sulfates by reading the labeling. Even if your hair hasn’t been treated with keratin, avoiding these two chemicals is a great way to encourage silky, healthy hair.


Keratin treatment revives your hair, no doubt.  But you can only have the best experience when you rightly follow every tip above. From protecting your hair from water to using the right products, there are many keratin post-treatments you can use to maintain your hair.

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