How to Care for Synthetic Hair

There’s a chance that synthetic hair might not be your first choice when you’re out shopping. But do you know why that is? 

It tangles easily, of course. And sometimes, it seems you’ve been sucked into a magazine featuring bad hairstyles. But what if none of these is true, and the only problem is that you don’t know how to care for your synthetic hair properly? 

Here are a few facts about synthetic hair that you might not know.

  • Synthetic hair is easier to wash because it dries quicker.
  • They also have a preset style, which helps them maintain their shapes and styles longer.
  • Synthetic hairs also tend to be more comfortable in hotter seasons because they’re made from synthetic fibres.
  • Lastly, they don’t lose their colors. 

This can only be possible if you properly take care of your hair. If you don’t, every discouraging point you’ve heard about synthetic hair would be valid. 

Here’s how you can care for your synthetic hair. 

Avoid Sleeping In Them

Going straight to bed after a long day has a calming effect, but not when you sleep in your wig. Sleeping in your synthetic wigs causes them to frizz because they rub against your pillowcase. To maintain the shape and curls of your wig and prevent tangling, hang it up on a wig stand when you take it off. 

However, if you have a reason to wear your wig to bed, please do the following.  Wear a satin or silk scarf or hair bonnet and use satin or silk pillowcases to reduce friction and frizz. 

Practice Good Detangling

One easy way to do this is to always detangle your hair before brushing it. Detangling could take a lot of time or not, which depends on the state of your hair. The following steps will help you to detangle your hair easily.  

  • Place your synthetic wig on a wig stand.
  • Pin it in place so it won’t keep sliding off.
  • Brush your wig from the bottom to the top. Secondly, slowly brush from the roots of the hair to the tips, so it doesn’t get more tangled. 

Wash Properly 

Washing your wig for the first time can be daunting because it is different from washing your hair. The first thing to do when you want to wash your hair is to detangle it properly. We don’t advise you to brush your hair when it is wet because it could worsen its state. Use synthetic hair shampoo because they have been made specifically for that purpose. A detailed washing technique has been provided in the FAQs section.


If you’ve given up on your hair because it looks worse from wear, here’s how to revive it. 

The wig experts, at Hair Domain, recommend using a handheld steamer and a brush for wigs that have lost their style. Place your synthetic hair on a wig stand and divide it into small parts. Carefully steam each section and brush. If you don’t have a steamer on standby, using a blow dryer on a low setting is fine. 

Moisturize Your Synthetic Hair

Moisturize but not so much as to cause product buildup. You only need to apply hair products in small amounts, which will be enough to maintain their shine. 

A Professional Synthetic Wig Care Kit Could Help

You might need extra help with taking care of your synthetic care. A professional synthetic wig care kit provides you with everything you need to maintain your wig. The Ellen Wille wig care set comes with wig brushes, wig caps, and other wig accessories that will come in handy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Over time, synthetic hairs have sparked interest and raised several questions. Below are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions that you may have. 

  1. How Often Should I Wash My Synthetic Hair? 

The longevity of your synthetic hair will be threatened if you wash it frequently. Thus, we advise that you wash your hair after you wear it 15 to 20 times. Keeping your hair neat underneath the wig will help you adhere to this rule.

  1. Is There Any Particular Method for Washing Synthetic Hair? 

Yes, there is, and the proper way to wash your synthetic hair has been explained below. 

  • Carefully brush your hair with a wire brush before you wash it. A wire brush is preferred because a regular brush will damage your synthetic hair. 
  • Hot water is a “no” for synthetic hair; always use cold or warm water. 
  • Add a teaspoonful of shampoo to your bowl of cold water and soak your wig. Let the wig properly soak before you take it out. 
  • Once it is thoroughly soaked, take it out. Do not twist or wring, but gently squeeze your hair to get rid of excess water.
  • Apply conditioner before the final rinse. 
  • Gently dry with a towel.
  • Let it dry first before you style it because styling wet hair is a formula for damage.
  1. Place it on a wig stand until it dries off. 
  • You can style your synthetic hair once it’s properly dried. 

You can watch this video for a visual demonstration of how to wash your synthetic hair. 


Love all your hair equally, and that includes synthetic ones. You can have a favorite because it feels like a second skin, but your synthetic hair doesn’t have to be 100% human before you care for it. If you think your synthetic hair is damaged beyond repair, we advise you to try the above steps. You can tell us all about your results in the comment section. 

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