How to Take Care of Wavy Hair

You have the best of both worlds if you have wavy hair. Wavy hair is beautiful and stands out among other types of hair. Its volume and texture are different from other hairs, and those alone make you the envy of everyone. Many articles talk about what it is like to have curly or straight hair and what products to use to maintain them. But what about wavy hair? Few articles talk about the downsides of sporting wavy hair. And this makes it a hassle for you to manage most of the time. Here are some of the effective ways to care for your wavy hair.

Don’t Wash Your Wavy Hair Often

You might think that wavy hair always has a glamorous shine because it is washed often. Well, that’s not true. Washing your wavy hair often will help you straighten the curls. And we’re confident that that’s not the effect you’re looking for. So, to maintain your waves, wash your hair twice or thrice a week. 

Keep Your Wavy Hair Hydrated

Washing your hair and keeping it hydrated are two different things. You can follow the directions above when washing your hair. But here are a few things to consider when keeping your hair hydrated. 

  • Use the right shampoo

Selecting a suitable shampoo for your wavy hair can be an arduous task. There are several shampoos with sweet-smelling properties that might persuade you to pick them, but don’t be tempted. First off, you don’t need a shampoo strictly made for straight hair. Although your wavy hair shares some straight hair properties, using those shampoos would be disastrous. 

You need shampoos that add an extra bounce to your waves. Avoid sulfate-laden shampoos like the plague and buy those that have glycerine in them. These shampoos are sulfate-free and will adequately nourish your wavy hair.  

While you need to use the right shampoo product, do not shampoo your hair too often. Doing so will leave your hair looking brittle and faded and rid your scalp of sebum. Sebum is the natural oil your scalp excretes. You need to retain some natural oil from your scalp because it helps your waves maintain their texture and shape. 

  • Condition Your Wavy Hair Regularly

Conditioners function differently from shampoos. A conditioner tones your hair and helps it retain its natural waviness. Use your conditioner more often than you use your shampoo. Ensure you use conditioners that have hydrating oils and moisturizing properties like the Argan Oil Shampoo

You might also want to avoid using too-thick conditioners as those can lead to product buildup. Too-thick conditioners make your hair greasy and oily and will weigh it down, robbing your waves of their shine. 

  • Deep Condition Your Wavy Hair

Yes, we know we said no too-thick conditioners, but please, hear us out. 

It wouldn’t hurt to deep condition your wavy hair once in a while. A deep conditioner is different from your everyday conditioner, and it gives your hair extra shine. It also repairs damage and protects your hair from UV rays and other pollutants.

To use a deep conditioner, apply it to your wavy hair and leave it for five to thirty minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly once it’s time. Please, note that you need to follow the instructions that come with your deep conditioner. The instructions will tell you how long to condition your hair and if you’re to use a hooded dryer while you wait.

Do Not Style Your Wavy Hair With Heat

It goes without saying that heat is not a friend of your wavy hair. Using a curling iron, a heat comb, or similar products will rid your hair of waves faster than you can say “Jack.” So, on days when you wash your hair, avoid using them. Instead, let your hair air dry, or use a towel to dry it. Talking about hair drying and towels, here are a few things you should know. 

  • Avoid Bulky Towels 

One easy way to destroy your waves is to use rough, bulky towels to dry your hair. We advise that you opt for a soft towel or a cotton t-shirt, as those can get the job done quickly. Besides, they give your hair the extra plop that will be missing if you use a rough towel. Rough towels make your hair look frizzy and dull, and they do not always soak up the water from your waves. Before you wrap your hair, ensure you use your hands to scrunch up as much water from your hair. This will help shorten the drying process. 

  • Hair Brushes for Wavy Hair? No!

Detangling your wavy hair is another essential step in keeping your hair healthy and preventing breakages. However, using hairbrushes to get rid of the tangles will make your hair look like it went to war. Instead, use wide-tooth combs for your hair. These combs make it easier for you to detangle your hair; they prevent breakages, limit the amount of hair loss, and are gentle on your scalp. 

  • Style Your Hair

Of course, you need to style your wavy hair because there’s no better way to announce your presence. There are several ways you can style your hair to maintain your waves. However, please ensure that you do not use heat styling. But even if you do, use it at the lowest temperature possible, and add a heat diffuser to the mix. 

If you have no plans of styling your hair, put your hair up in buns before going to bed. This method retains the waves and reduces frizz. Use argan oil to seal in the moisture and shine of your waves once your styling process is complete. Although argan oil is lightweight and does not encourage product buildup, use a small quantity at once. Apply the oil from the roots of your hair down to the tips.


Maintaining wavy hair doesn’t have to be a lot of trouble. This is why we have provided you with the above directions. Feel free to drop your questions in the comment section whenever you need guidance.

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