How to Buy a 360 Lace Frontal

We’re about to show you how to buy a 360 lace frontal using all the insider knowledge we have from working directly with manufacturers. So, you really want to pay attention to this.

Frontals are very popular these days and one of the most common types is the 360 lace frontal. 360 lace frontals are like lace headbands that cover your entire hairline from front to back just like the name, 360, suggests.

With a 360 lace frontal, it’s easier for you to pull your hair into an updo or into a ponytail. It’s a very versatile frontal choice. And as you’ve probably calculated in this industry, the more versatile the hair, the more popular the choice. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the 360 frontal is not too expensive either.

Why You Should Get A 360 Lace Frontal

Here are some reasons to get a 360 lace frontal.

1. It Requires Fewer Hair Bundles

When using a 360 frontal, you end up using fewer bundles that you’d have otherwise used for a complete sew-in. So, if the style you choose to install requires three hair bundles, with a 360 frontal, you’d only need two bundles and your hair would still look full.

The reason for this is that the 360 frontal already covers about one-third or even half of your head. So, the number of hair bundles you’d need to cover the remaining parts of your hair would definitely be fewer.

Click here to learn how many hair bundles you need for your favorite hairstyles.

2. Installation does not Take a Long Time

With 360 frontals, installation takes a much reduced time. All your stylist would be doing is to install the frontal first. Once that’s done, (remember it covers about a third of your head), all that’s left to install the two bundles to cover the space remaining.

3. No Need to Blend in Your Natural Hair

Usually, to create the illusion of a natural head of hair, you’d have to leave out some of your natural hair and blend it in using heat treatment. However, there’s no need for that with a frontal. The 360 frontal will cover every inch of your hairline from the front to the back. So, you won’t have to risk damaging your hairline with the constant heat treatment to make the hair and your weave blend.

4. A 360 Frontal is Great for Your Hairline

When you constantly manipulate the hair at your hairline with heat or otherwise to get it to blend with your weave, you could damage your natural hair. Bear in mind that hair at your hairline is generally much weaker than hair on other parts of your scalp. This is why frontals are such lifesavers (or hair savers). Just ensure that your stylist uses a safe method for installing the frontal as certain adhesives can damage your hairline.

5. 360 Frontals are Durable

If you install and care for your 360 frontal correctly, it can last really long. One tip is to be careful with the base of the frontal. If you’re rough with the base, you could the hair to begin to shed from the frontal.

6. 360 Frontals are Versatile

This is perhaps the biggest, and for some the only, reason people get 360 frontals. They are super versatile to style. It’s definitely not as versatile as full lace wigs but it’s a versatile wig to style, nonetheless.

How to Buy a 360 Frontal

1. Check the Base of the Lace

The first thing to look out for when buying a 360 lace frontal is the lace base. The lace base is critical because it tells you how long your 360 frontal would last. The base must be tough enough to withstand consistent washing and brushing with shedding.

Generally, it’s best to go for Swiss lace base frontals. Swiss lace is high quality and doesn’t get damaged easily even with consistent combing and washing.

At Spreadit Global, we only stock 360 frontals with the highest quality lace bases.

2. The Texture of the Hair

Obviously, the texture of hair on your frontal has to match the hair bundles you’re getting. Especially if you’re buying the frontal and the bundles separately, you must keep this point in mind. You don’t want to end up with mismatched frontal and bundles. That wouldn’t look good at all.

To make things easier for you, we sell our 360 frontals and hair bundles together. This way, your frontal and hair bundles are always matched and you don’t have to stress.

3. The Length of Hair You Intend to Buy

Length is another important aspect of buying a 360 frontal. Again, this is important for matching. So, if you’re buying 12-inch hair, then you’d have to buy a 12-inch 360 frontal. This match in length would give the perfect flow. 

But, of course, if you’re familiar with the hair market you already know that the longer you go, the more expensive the hair gets. So, keep that in mind.

We source directly from the manufacturers so our prices are pretty friendly.

4. The Color of the Frontal and the Bundles

Again, the matching factor. The frontal and bundles also have to match in color for the perfect blend. This is why we never sell our frontals and hair bundles separately. A mismatch of colors can affect the illusion of a natural look that you’re trying to achieve.

By the way, there are other types of weave closures besides lace frontals great for different hairstyles.

5. Check Out the Hair Type

360 frontals can either be synthetic or natural human hair. Of course, human hair is best for you as it mimics your own natural hair. Plus, human hair lasts longer and is easier to style and restyle.

Now, after deciding on human hair, you have a variety of textures to pick from ranging from Indian, to Brazilian, to Peruvian, and the rest. Each of these human hair textures have their advantages and disadvantages and the choice is entirely up to you.

How Much Does a 360 Frontal Cost?

This is a loaded question and there are a number of factors that come to play in determining how much a 360 frontal costs. Here are some of the factors that come to play.

The Quality of Hair

Of course, this is the primary factor that affects the price of any hair that’s sold to you. The lace base also affects how much you pay for a 360 frontal. We always recommend that people go for the Swiss lace base because it is the highest quality of lace base available. But as you’d expect, a Swiss lace base would cost you more than if you use regular lace.

But back to hair quality. You can have raw hair, virgin hair, or remi hair on your 360 frontal and, of course, these have varying costs.

Raw hair is really hard to come by hence their high costing price when you come across them. Virgin hair and Remi hair are a little more affordable than raw hair but are still somewhat expensive, at least, when compared with synthetic hair.

Although synthetic hair is less expensive than human hair, we do not recommend synthetic hair to our customers for reasons we already explained.

The good thing about 360 frontal is that you need fewer hair bundles which helps to bring down the total cost you’d spend on your hair. So, it remains a cost-effective option.

Hair Texture

The texture of hair you’re buying also affects cost. For one, straight hair will always cost less than curly and wavy hair because curly and wavy hair require more work than straight hair. However, like we mentioned, the hair texture of your frontal and your bundles must match. Better still, buy them as one package.

Hair Length

Longer lengths cost more than shorter lengths because longer hair naturally demands more work than shorter hair. Don’t forget that texture still has a role to play. So, long curly hair would cost significantly more than short straight hair and slightly more than long straight.

Hair Colour

Natural coloured hair costs slightly less than coloured hair. This is because nothing has been done to the hair yet.

Interestingly, weaves with natural colour are more durable than coloured hair because they haven’t been damaged through processing.

Coloured hair, on the other hand, costs more because of the processing. Nonetheless, processing damages the hair a bit which makes it slightly less durable than non-coloured hair.

We carry hairs of different colours as well.

How Many Hair Bundles Do I Need with a 360 Frontal?

One of the keys to achieving a natural look is to use an adequate number of hair bundles so you get a full-looking hairstyle. This is how to determine how many hair bundles you need for your 360 frontals.

1. Determine Your Head Size

Naturally, the size of your head would determine how many hair bundles you need to complete your hairstyle. The average head size for women is 22.5 inches and the average number of hair bundles to cover this is between two to three bundles.

You can determine your head size by measuring the circumference of your head from ear to ear.

2. Length Matters Too

The longer the hair you go for, the more bundles you’d need for the style. Remember that raw hair and virgin hair tend to thin towards the end. So, you’d need more bundles to give a fuller look. Short hair, on the other hand, does not require as many bundles. 

So, generally, where two to three bundles are enough for most short hairstyles, you’d need about three to four bundles for longer hair and even five to six bundles for much longer hair.

3. Hair Texture and Density

For dense hair, you wouldn’t need as many hair bundles but for less dense hair, you’d need more hair. 

So, how does texture come into the discussion? Well, typically, curlier and wavier hair are usually denser than straight hair. Hence, you end up needing fewer hair bundles for curly hair than for straight hair. 

Straight hair, on the other hand, because they lack density, needs more bundles to achieve a nice voluminous look. So, while curly hair might require about two to three bundles, straight would require about three to four hair bundles.

How to Install a 360 Frontal

1. Prepare your Frontal for Installation

You prepare your frontal for installation by shampooing and conditioning your hair with sulphate-free shampoo and hair. You also want to bleach the knots on the lace (follow the steps in our article here).

2. Braid Your Natural Hair and Place the 360 Lace Frontal

Typically, you braid your hair into a simple straight cornrow style for the sew in. After doing that, you place the 360 lace frontal and line it along your hairline. Make sure it is perfectly lined up along your hairline. Then cut the excess lace, leaving only about an inch of lace stick which you will lay on your scalp.

3. Apply the Adhesive

You can use hair glue or tape to install the frontal onto your head. If you’re using hair glue, be careful to only use a little quantity as too much could mess up your work and damage your hairline. 

Also, when you apply the glue, leave it for a few seconds to get a bit dry before fixing it to your hairline.

Don’t forget to wear your wig cap first.

Once you’ve installed the frontal, what’s left is to sew in the human hair bundles onto the remaining parts of the hair that’s left uncovered.

4. Style!

Now that you’re done with installing the frontal and the remaining hair bundles, all that’s left is to style. 360 lace frontals give you a variety of ways to style and part your hair. From ponytails to updos to middle parts, you get a lot of versatility with 360 lace frontals.

How to Care for Your 360 Lace Frontal

Try to limit washing your hair to once a month, do a co-wash instead. Overwashing your hair can cause your hair to dry out leading to tangling. It can also cause the bond on the lace to weaken leading to shedding. 

Also, when you wash, be careful not to rub the lace base too vigorously or to pull on the hair too hard so that your frontal can last long.

Now, after washing your hair, be sure to air dry your hair as that’s much better than using a hair dryer. 

Additionally, never sleep with your hair wet. Wait for your hair to dry and then braid your hair and sleep with a satin bonnet to ensure that your hair lasts.

Finally, comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb only and be careful with your combing so that you don’t tug too hard on the lace base. This could cause shedding.

In Summary…

A 360 lace frontal is a great buy and you now know all the factors you need to consider when getting one. You also know how to care for a 360 lace frontal so that it lasts really long. 

As you know, we stock the best of 360 lace frontals as well as other kinds of hairs. So, click here to go to our store and cop your 360 lace frontal now! 

If you still have more questions about our 360 lace frontals, you can ask us in the comment section and we’ll respond to you asap!

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