This is How to Buy a Human Hair Wig that Looks Real Online

We all love wigs for many reasons but especially because of their beauty and the convenience they afford. However, oftentimes, many women become disillusioned when the wig that looked fab on the model in the ad turns out looking not so fab on them. So, the question comes, how do you buy a human hair wig that looks real? This blog answers this question extensively.

Without further ado, let me show you how to buy a human hair wig that looks real!

How to Buy a Human Hair Wig that Looks Real

The following steps explain how to buy a human hair wig that looks real online.

Consider the Shape of your Face

This is the first step to ensuring that your wig looks natural and real. If your wig is incompatible with your facial shape, it could make it quite obvious that you’re wearing a wig. To determine your facial shape, you could stand in front of your mirror and, pulling your hair back, look at your face from hairline to chin. This should help you gauge your facial shape.

These are the different facial shapes and the best wigs for each.

1. Diamond Shape

If your face is diamond-shaped, it has broad and high cheekbones, a narrower forehead, and a narrow, pointy chin. 

For users with a diamond-shaped face, you want to go for a wig that adds volume to the narrower parts of your face which are the forehead and the chin. So, best wig styles to go for are bobs, wigs with medium layers, as well as angled pixie wigs.

Do avoid voluminous short hairstyles, or voluminous pixie styles.

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2. Heart Face

Like the heart shape, a heart-shaped face is wide at the forehead and then tapers into a really narrow chin. 

To disguise the wide forehead, people with heart-shaped faces want to go with styles that come with bangs or fringes. Also, go for styles with volume around the lower face so the chin looks more proportionate to the forehead, bringing balance to your look.

Best wig styles for heart-shaped faces include curly long wigs with side bangs, curly long wigs styled into a side pony are also great. If you have a heart-shaped face, you want to avoid a voluminous pixie, extra-short voluminous bob wigs, or low pony hair with blunt bangs.

3. Round Face

A round face has a soft, rounded chin and hairline. So, the face is widest across the cheeks and the distance between the hairline and the chin is quite short.

The best wig styles for round faces are long, layered styles and long wavy hair. Avoid bob wigs with blunt bangs, medium voluminous curls, and flat-looking pixie styles.

4. Pear Face

Like a pear, a pear face has a narrow forehead and a rounder, wider chin. 

Someone with a pear face wants to select a wig that draws attention away from the chin. So, go for short, cropped wigs with full, angled fringe or bangs. You can also go for short wigs with a voluminous crown.

5. Square Face

A square face consists of a strong jaw, straight hairline, and a straight chin. To soften this appearance, users should go for long layered wigs with side bangs, long wavy hair is also great, and an a-line chin-length bob would work too. You want to avoid jaw-length blunt bobs, sleek ponytails, or pixie styles with blunt bangs.

6. Oblong Face

Oblong faces are typically long and straight with a square jaw and square hairline. For this face, shoulder-length, or jaw-length wigs are great. You want something with loads of curls, waves, or layering. Long wigs with voluminous curls and arched bangs also work, as do medium length wings with bouncy curls and blunt bangs. People with oblong faces want to avoid long, straight hair with side bangs as well as hairstyles involving a voluminous top knot bun.

7. Oval Face

This is a well proportioned, uniform face that’s most versatile when it comes to wig styles. This face works with any style whether long, short, curly, or straight.

What Is The Best Cap Construction For a Natural-Looking Wig?

Another important tip if you want to learn how to buy a human hair wig that looks real is to choose a fitting cap construction.

The best cap construction for a natural-looking wig is the hand-stitched monofilament cap construction. This is followed by the lace cap construction. Both of these wig caps are very realistic-looking and are, sometimes, combined to make one wig. Wigs that combine both monofilament caps and lace caps are typically the most expensive but the most realistic wigs you can find in the market.

Now, let’s discuss each of these cap constructions in a little more detail.

Hand-Stitched Monofilament Caps

Monofilament caps are the most natural looking of all cap constructions. When the hair on the wig is parted or styled, monofilament caps give the illusion of an actual scalp. 

When making wigs using these caps, the wig makers push the hair into the cap strand by strand and then knot them in place by hand. So, of course, considering the time and great pains this process obviously demands, wigs with monofilament caps are usually quite expensive.

If you want to reduce cost, you can get a wig that is part-monofilament cap. The hand-knotted part would be on the crown and fringe of your head. So, you’ll be able to style your wig any way you want at that particular section of your wig.

If you have a sensitive scalp, it might be best for you to get a wig with a monofilament cap with an extra mesh layer to cover the knotted hairs. This will keep your wig from irritating your scalp.

Lace Caps

Lace caps are the most popular wig caps because of their awesome balance between quality and affordability. With lace caps, users are able to style the wig away from their faces as the lace cap gives the appearance of a scalp and hairline.

Sometimes, a lace cap and monofilament cap are combined to create a wig. Such wigs are very expensive but also look the realest.

Three Tips to Make the Best of Your Lace Front Wig

Make Sure to Hide all Your Natural Hair: Before installing your wig, you want to pull your hair back completely and secure it. This is important so that you don’t accidentally expose your hair under the lace front.

Match the Wig to Your Skin Tone: For the most realistic results, try to get a lace cap that’s closest to your skin tone. But in case you’re not able to and your scalp is darker than the lace cap, you can darken the cap with a damp tea bag. Simply dab with the damp tea bag until it’s as dark as you want it. Another way to do this would be to apply some makeup.

Handle with Care: Lace caps are very delicate materials, hence, handle them with the utmost care. Also, if you think your wig needs a trim, it’s better to take the wig to a professional than to try to do the trimming yourself as the lace could unravel.

How to Pick the Best Wig for Your Lifestyle

To pick the best wig for your lifestyle, you need to make the following considerations.

1. What’s the Best Hairstyle for the Climate I Live In?

If you live in a hot climate or you’re the outdoorsy type, then you might be better off with a short wig. With short wigs, you cool more easily. Plus, they are easier to care for and are perfect if you’re constantly on the go and don’t have time to style your hair.

On the other hand, if you’re mostly indoors or you live in a cooler climate, then you might want to consider going for long wigs. Long wigs are also great for people who have enough free time to style their hair as long wigs give you ample material to work with.

2. How Frequently Do I Go Out?

If you’re the quintessential social butterfly, then human hair is great for you because they are very versatile and easy to style. Human hair wigs are great for daily use and special events.

However, they deteriorate faster the more frequently you wear them. So, if you’re someone who goes out often, then you might be buying wigs more often than those who do not.

Thankfully, at Spreadit, our wigs are high-quality and come at a wide range of prices to suit your pocket.

A quick tip: You might consider getting a synthetic wig for daily use and other human hair wigs for those special occasions.

3. What is the Best Wig for My Job?

The best wig for your job would depend on the nature of your job. For a formal office setting, you want to avoid really long wigs and keep it to a medium length. Also, if your job is very physical, then there might be limitations on hairstyles for understandable reasons and you have to accept that.

But then if your work requires you to interface with clients a lot, then you’d want to choose wigs that are fashionable.

Finally, for those who work in warm environments, a kitchen, for instance, we would recommend a lace front wig so that your natural hair is completely undetectable even up close.

4. What is the Best Wig for Exercising?

The best wig for exercising would depend on how strenuous your normal exercise routines are.

If you often break a sweat, go for a well-ventilated wig.

If you usually pack your hair into a ponytail when exercising, then you want a lace-front wig so that your hairline looks natural when the wig is pulled back. Now, since you’d be washing your wig more if you use it for exercise, it would be a great idea to get an extra wig.

For the divers and swimmers, yes, you can swim with a wig on. The best wigs for swimming are usually synthetic wigs. However, when you buy a wig for swimming, restrict its use to swimming alone so that you can protect your daily wig.

What is the Best Wig for a Cancer Patient?

The best wig for cancer patients or people currently undergoing chemo is a synthetic wig. We recommend this because synthetic wigs are low-maintenance. So, they bring the perfect balance of beauty and ease of maintenance which gives the person the confidence and time to focus on getting better. 

Depending on where you live, there are certain countries with health insurance policies that cover the cost of your wig either fully or partially. If such applies to you, then get in touch with your insurance company and find out what their policy is.

How to Maintain Human Hair Wigs

You can maintain your human hair wig easily by following these simple steps:

1. Use the Right Products

When purchasing products for your wig, you must keep in mind that not all products are wig products. Many hair care products contain a shipload of chemicals that could damage your wig. So, you must be careful when choosing.

Now, when you want to wash your wig, you must be careful not to wash it like you wash your natural hair else you could damage it. Instead, soak your wig in shampoo and water first. Then, comb the shampoo (or conditioner) out using a wig comb. 

After doing this, rinse your wig in warm water until you have all the product out of the hair. Lastly, you comb the wig to detangle it and then let the wig dry on its own.

Please, avoid massaging the wig. Simply combing the shampoo or conditioner out will do the trick!

2. Take it to a Professional for Styling or Trimming

If you think your wig needs restyling or trimming, take it to a professional. Remember, this is a wig, any part you chop off won’t grow back and any part that gets heat-damaged would become permanently damaged. So, to prevent such sad stories, always take your wig to a professional for such treatments.

3. Store Correctly and Cover It

Whenever you’re not wearing your wig, it’s important that you store it on a wig stand or on a mannequin in an upright position. Also, make sure you cover your wig so that it does not attract dust.

4. You Want to Avoid Using Hairspray

It’s always best to avoid using hairspray on your wig as most of them are greasy and tend to cause wigs to tangle and become unmanageable. If you want to, you can use a little spray on your wig from time to time but try not to overdo it.

5. Do Not Heat-Style

Too much heat damages hairs just like it damages natural hair too. If you must apply heat to your wig, try to apply a heat protectant first and then do not exceed 350 degrees if you want your wig to last.

Speaking of your natural hair, click here for the best tips for maintaining your natural hair under your wig.

6. Do Not Sleep or Shower with Your Wig

Do not shower with your wig or leave your wig on when it’s raining too hard. Also, before you go to bed, take off your wig so it doesn’t tangle and knot while turning in your sleep.

To learn how to maintain your natural hair under your wig, click here right now!

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