What to Avoid After Keratin Treatment

If you entered the search “what to avoid after keratin treatment?” you’re either about to get a keratin treatment or fresh out of one.

In today’s article, we address the things you must avoid for your keratin treatment to be effective and do its job. 

So, make sure to stay till the end so that you don’t make any mistakes and make your efforts redundant.

Here Are The Things To Avoid After Keratin Treatment 

If you just got a keratin treatment, here are a few things you shouldn’t do: 

Getting Your Hair Wet 

Whether it’s with water, sweat, or ice, if your hair gets wet, the keratin will become less effective. 

Adding water to keratin-treated hair a day or two after it’s done will flush most parts of the keratin out of your hair, leaving your hair open to more damage than before. 

Consequently, it goes without saying that you cannot swim, ski, sauna or take a steam shower for any reason until three days after your keratin treatment. 

But of course, you must take a bath. This is why I recommend that you get a high-quality shower cap that covers every inch of your hair and protects it from the water.

When going out of the house, especially if it’s the rainy season, you must take an umbrella with you in case it decides to come down heavy. You should also take a shower cap along with the umbrella so you’re not caught unaware. 

When you want to wash your face or brush your teeth, it’s advisable to also use a shower cap. Or, you can fold your hair into the back of your shirt if you’re wearing one.

Now, if for some reason your hair still manages to get wet somehow, you’d have to dry your hair immediately. You can do that with your hair dryer but make sure to set it at low heat. 

Bunching Your Hair Up

The days immediately after your keratin treatment are the best times to let your hair down.

And if by “let your hair down,” you think I mean that you should be less uptight about life, well that’s great. And you should do that.

However, in this case, by letting your hair down, I mean throw away the hair bands and hair clips, at least temporarily. Loosen that glorious mane and let it roam free. 

And as much as you can, sleep that way too, with your hair loose. 

Don’t braid your hair or pack it up in ponytails too or rest your glasses on your hair. 

Seemingly inconsequential habits like these will ultimately affect the longevity and effectiveness of your keratin treatment. 

Shampoo That Contains Sulfate 

After three days, you will be allowed to wash your hair. And when that time comes, you want to avoid using a shampoo that contains sulfate or sodium chloride.

As a matter of fact, you should not be using shampoos that contain sulfate at all, as they aren’t safe for your hair.

To be on the safe side, look out for shampoos that are made specifically for keratin-treated hair. They will help you keep your hair protected and in the right texture.

Coloring Your Hair

Using chemicals on your hair as soon as you get a keratin treatment will damage the keratin in your hair and cause damage to your cuticles afterward. 

If you must get a coloring, consider waiting, at least, two weeks.  

Castor oil

Castor oil is one of the worst oils to use on your hair after a keratin treatment. It’s heavy and greasy and will make you want to overwash your hair. 

Instead, use olive oil. It is light and residue-free and will give you the best experience with your keratin-treated hair. 

You can also check out this guide for our top picks on oils you can use after keratin treatment.

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