Can I Use Castor Oil on Keratin-Treated Hair?

If you just had a keratin treatment and you’re wondering, “can I use castor oil on keratin-treated hair?” this article is for you. 

Picking the right kind of oil for your hair is important because it helps you keep your hair healthy and in place for styling and moisturizing. 

However, you must be careful about the kinds of oils you use on your hair because your hair is super sensitive after a keratin treatment. So, the wrong kind of oil can do a lot of damage.


Well, it can dampen your hair and disrupt the keratin treatment the same way water would. This can in turn lead to greasiness and incessant washing, which will cause the keratin treatment to wash off. 

At the end of the day, the expensive keratin treatment you underwent would turn out to be a waste of your time and money.

So, How Do You Pick the Best Oil for My Hair? 

When you’re looking out for a great oil for your keratin-treated hair, you must put the following qualities into consideration:

Lightweight and Transparent 

Your choice of oil must be close to invisible anytime it is applied to your hair. 

Oils like this don’t easily harden on the hair after a few hours. Instead, they make the hair light and easy to comb through. 

Also, if you get an oil that isn’t transparent, your hair will end up looking dull after a while. That is because the heavy oil will mask the true color of your hair. 


Avoid oils that contain too much grease. They often make you feel like your hair needs a wash as soon as you apply them, and this is bad for business. Why? 

One, because you shouldn’t be washing your keratin-treated hair now and then. 

And when you don’t wash it because you want to stick to your stylist’s advice, you’re left feeling uncomfortable. 

So, to avoid this, pick an oil that doesn’t have to be greasy to last long. 


In addition to these qualities, your oil must be able to nourish your hair without leaving residue behind. 

The residue will make your hair look dusty so you’ll want to wash it. 

Once again, this can cause keratin loss from your hair and defeat the entire purpose of the treatment in the first place. 

Is Castor Oil Good?

So, this begs the question, is castor oil a great oil for your keratin-treated hair

The answer is no. You shouldn’t be using castor oil on your hair for a long time after your keratin treatment. 

Why? Well, it’s because it is heavy and it sticks. 

Remember when I said greasy oil shouldn’t be allowed on your hair when you get a keratin treatment? 

Well, castor oil is so greasy that washing it off your hair will even be a struggle. And when you over-wash your keratin-treated hair, it loses the keratin. 

So, If I Can’t Use Castor Oil, What Do I Use?

Well, check out this super helpful guide we put up to answer this question specifically.

Let me know how it works for you!

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