Air Drying Hair After Keratin Treatment

Whenever people get a keratin treatment, their first question is always, “when can I wash my hair?” 

Well, according to hair treatment specialists, you shouldn’t let any form of liquid around your hair for the first three days. This means that your hair would have to be in tight shower caps all the time while bathing. 

But, after three days, you’ll be allowed to wash your hair, and then another question pops up: “how do I dry my hair when I wash it?” This is what this article will focus on: air drying after keratin treatment.

Air-drying or Blow Drying?

Since the use of technological equipment like blow-dryers became popular, more and more women have abandoned the old way of air-drying. And it’s valid because air-drying is time-consuming and uncomfortable, especially when compared to blow-dryers.

What blow-dryers do in minutes, air-drying does in hours. And many people will honestly not waste their time on that when they have a better option. 

However, if you got a keratin treatment, you might want to stay away from blow-dryers for a long time. This means that you don’t exactly have a choice. 

But why is this so? What would happen if I used a blow dryer against my hair therapist’s better judgment? 

Well, the keratin was added to your hair to straighten it and smoothen your damaged hair. And the heat will make the keratin weak and unable to do its work.

Another thing that will happen for sure is that your hair cuticle will open, and the whole point of the keratin treatment will be defeated.

Why Air Drying Is Much Better Than Blow Drying

So, what can you do instead of blow-drying your hair? Easy-peasy. You just have to go back to the old ways of air-drying. 

In case you’re wondering what airdrying is, it’s the simple method of just opening your hair to dry in the air after a wash. 

Air drying after a keratin treatment is the best because it saves you from the potential damage that blow-dryers typically cause to their users. 

How to Air Dry Your Hair After a Keratin Treatment 

1. Clean Your Wet Hair With a Towel

As much as you can, try to get most of the moisture out with your towel. 

This doesn’t mean that you should pull and tug at your hair, as that can cause problems for you. Just slowly and carefully try to reduce the humidity. 

2. Comb Your Hair 

If your hair is tangled, you should consider combing it. 

This will help the air pass through easily and the hair dry faster. 

3. Find an Airy Spot in the House or Take a Walk

Ideally, you want to lounge on your balcony or front porch after your wash to let your hair dry.

However, many people do not have the luxury of balconies or front porches, and that is fine. 

If this is you, then consider taking a walk in a place where the breeze is strong enough to dry your wet hair.

If You Absolutely Can’t Air Dry Though…

However, if you’re in such a hurry and you cannot air-dry, there’s a way to go about using your hairdryer in a way that doesn’t damage the keratin treatment. 

You’d have to keep it at the lowest setting. 

If the dryer comes with an air-only setting, then even better.

For more tips on how to care for your hair after a keratin treatment, check out this helpful guide.

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